Rules on Barts Server and FOK!server

(and other servers owned by Bart)

  • No blocking!
    Don't block industries, don't block other players. The only time you may buy land, is if you have built a small airport in a town, and want to reserve some area around it for placing a bigger airport when it becomes available.
  • No land-lowering to flood land under water!
    Terraforming in a small scale to make your tracks more efficient is allowed, but terraforming on a large scale is not allowed.
  • Don't buy exclusive transport rights in city's you don't have any business in/around!
    That's just lame, because the only thing it does is annoying other players. You won't get any profit or advantage from it, it isn't competition either.
  • Be nice to eachother!
    If someone asks you to replace a signal one square, or to lower a piece of land on which you have a track, and it doesn't make any difference for you, then do it! People are playing this game for fun, so keep it fun for everyone. Competition is good, but don't overdo it. When someone asks you to replace and rebuild a complete station, you ofcourse don't have to do that.
  • Don't play by the name of player!
    You can change your name by opening the console with ~ (the key left to 1), and type "name yournickname" without the "" and with your nickname in place of yournickname.
  • Set a password for your company!
    This prevents lame bastards taking over your company and destroy everything/sell your vehicles/flatten the map. If you want somebody to join your company, PM him/her your password.
  • Listen to the admin!
    I try to give everybody a fair chance, and treat everybody equal. If I say something is not allowed, listen to me. Still going on? Kick or ban.

If you still have questions, or somebody is troubling you? Mail me at: bvanlingen at gmail d o t c o m
I can't be online all the time, so forgive me if I don't answer you right away ;-)